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by Roger Chartier

Medical miles deduction for 2017

Bluecar old man - www.MileageDeductions.bizThe IRS calls it a mileage allowance so we refer to it either way here.

Medical miles are able to be deducted, or as the IRS likes to say, you get an allowance for them.

The allowance for 2017 is down by 2 cents from 19 cents per mile to 17 cents per mile for a deduction or allowance but we still have a descent advantage as the cost of fuel has dropped significantly!

Medical miles driven in 2017 are a deduction or an as the IRS calls it an allowance of 17 cents per mile.

It is a small amount of money, but as you look at the miles that you have driven for medical purposes and add the amount of money up it amounts to something useable.

You will find it to be to your advantage to take the allowance if you are going to take mileage allowances.

The miles that you have driven have to be recorded at the time that they are driven, although not while you are actually driving.

Free Mileage Log

For any year, you should print the free mileage log on this site.

The Internal Revenue Service will be concerned about the accuracy of these records.

The IRS won't let you just guess and fill it all in at the end of the year they want it to be exact.

Take into consideration the miles for a trip from your town to a city for specialized treatment once a week.

If the medical facility is 50 miles from home, you have to drive back as well, so it is a 100 mile trip.

The medical mileage rate allowance would give you a worthwhile deduction per trip of $17.00.

If you make the trip once a week for 10 weeks, you could take a ten times larger medical mileage deduction of $170.00.

We have discussed why to use mileage as a tax allowance or not to use it on the business miles page here (the home page).